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Welcome to Alinker Academy

Our courses will provide you with activities and exercises that will help you to stay active, while having fun and becoming part of the Alinker community!


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Address: 34 Stafford Road, Ottawa ON


The Alinker Academy is a subscription-based, online program for Alinker riders who want innovative ways to stay active. The program includes virtual workout classes ranges from 10 to 30 minutes long.

Choose from a range of classes, including strength, cardio, agility and balance, partner work and yoga!

The Alinker Academy’s classes are virtual, so you can exercise with us whenever and wherever you want!

Subscription fee (six months): $50 CAD (plus applicable GST/HST for Canadian residents)

The images below show you a sample of various training options and exercises you can access through your Alinker Academy subscription.

Program Demos

Have a look at what an Alinker Academy subscription offers. The following program demos include sample classes, instructional videos and sample rides in the “Come Ride With Me” Series.

Sample Classes

Choose from a range of classes including strength, cardio, agility and balance, partner work and yoga! Classes range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length with varying levels of difficulty.

Sample Instructional Videos

There are over 80+ instructional videos. Each video explains the proper techniques in preforming each individual exercise and describes how the exercises can be modified if need be.

Sample “Come Ride With Me” Series

There are a total of 18 rides in and about the Ottawa area

Out-takes from the filming – Turn up your audio

We had so much fun filming the videos!

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