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Our courses will provide you with activities and exercises that will help you to stay active, while having fun and becoming part of the Alinker community!


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Address: 34 Stafford Road, Ottawa ON
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Karen Snyder is the Co-Founder and CEO of LiquidGym Canada Therapy and Training Centre. She was first introduced to the Alinker by a LiquidGym member in 2017. As soon as she saw the bike, Karen realized how much potential it has, leading to the partnership between The Alinker Inventions and LiquidGym. Karen is hopeful that the Alinker Academy will be a great platform to grow the Alinker community and connect Alinker users around the world. She has witnessed first hand the positive effects that the bike has had on people’s lives and appreciates being able to share that with others. 

First concert: April Wine

Favourite movie: Dirty Dancing

Dream Alinker destination: Out in the wilderness

Karen's Story

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