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Our courses will provide you with activities and exercises that will help you to stay active, while having fun and becoming part of the Alinker community!


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Address: 34 Stafford Road, Ottawa ON
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Dawna Ramsay first met Karen Snyder several years ago at a medical conference, where Karen was an exhibitor for LiquidGym. Dawna was intrigued by LiquidGym’s uniqueness with their hydrotherapy and their overall therapy and training that keeps patients moving. She volunteered with Karen to train Alinker users for local races. Karen and Dawna have pooled their skills and knowledge in order to make Alinker Academy a reality. Dawna hopes that Alinker users will realize how strong they truly are and that they can conquer anything they set their minds to.

First Concert: Aerosmith

Favorite Movie: The Neverending Story

Dream Alinker Destination: Arboretum/Dow’s Lake/Experimental Farm

Dawna's Story

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