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Welcome to Alinker Academy

Our courses will provide you with activities and exercises that will help you to stay active, while having fun and becoming part of the Alinker community!


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Address: 34 Stafford Road, Ottawa ON


with Alinker Academy

We are proud to offer virtual personal training to Alinker users around the world.

You will be paired with one of our qualified experts who will develop an individualized program to fit your personal needs.

All programs will begin with a virtual one on one assessment to determine initial fitness level and goals. Cost of the assessment is $75.00 (CDN).

Training packages:

Package A: 4 sessions 1x/week – 4 sessions x $45 = $180 (CDN)

Package B:
8 sessions 2x/week – 8 sessions x $45 = $360 (CDN)

Package C:
8 sessions 8 (booked as needed) x $45 = $360 (CDN)

Training packages with supplemental weekly home training program:

Package D: 2 sessions 2x/month – 2 sessions x $45 = $90 +70 =$160
Supplemental weekly home training program $70

Package E:
1 session 1x/month – 1 session x $45 = $45 + 70 = $115
Supplemental weekly home training program $70

Please note:
Supplemental weekly home training program will be provided and to be completed on your own, unsupervised.

Appointments are 30 minutes in length. Please enquire for 1-hour appointment pricing.

With the Alinker bike there are no limitations to what you can achieve!

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