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Welcome to Alinker Academy

Our courses will provide you with activities and exercises that will help you to stay active, while having fun and becoming part of the Alinker community!


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Address: 34 Stafford Road, Ottawa ON


In 2021, join our Alinker global community in events around the world!

Together, we will discover new places, while we challenge and support each other with our collective human spirit.

If you have an idea for an event, please let us know!

News & Events for 2021

Around the World Conqueror

Conqueror virtual fitness challenges allow our Alinker community to participate in events around the world as a group.

For more info about The Conqueror Virtual Challenges:

Global 1-2-5km Event

We are hosting a 1-2-5 km event for our Alinker community around the world.

Global event will be announced in the near future

Stay turned for more details…..


HeartWise Designation

Alinker Academy is an online exercise program offered through LiquidGym, which is a designated Heart Wise Exercise facility.

Heart Wise Exercise Alinker videos are noted with the HWE logo.

HEART WISE EXERCISE (HWE) Classes with the designation are shown below:

The Making of the Alinker Academy

The Alinker Academy was created because of a comment that one of our Alinker users made during an Alinker orientation – “I wish I could go for walks in the woods and exercise like I used too!”  The seed was planted and work begin to create a platform that would allow our Alinker users just that.

First – to developed the course curriculum, second – we spent 20 days shooting the videos, thirdly – many many many hours of post production….after 4 months Alinker Academy was launched.

The pictures below tells the story…


The Ottawa Hospital – Do The Ride Event

LiquidGym has been the “therapy tent” for THE RIDE participants helping with their onsite therapy needs since 2014.

At the 2019 event LiquidGym introduced a 1km Alinker route where 50 Alinker participated in The DO THE RIDE event.

Many riders have suffered from health conditions and injuries that have affected their ability to walk, however the Alinker provided users the ability to triumphantly cross the finish line of the 1 km race.

LiquidGym’s team was a part of the 700 riders that participated that day, raising a total of $1.07 million for health care and research at the Ottawa Hospital.


Ottawa Race Weekend 2km Event

LiquidGym has participated in the Ottawa Race Weekend 2km event for the past two years.

In 2019 there were more than 50 participants and volunteers from LiquidGym involved in the race. The Alinker has allowed riders with limited mobility to be included in the community and experience of the Ottawa Race Weekend.

The team was welcomed with encouragement and support as they raced down the track, leading to big smiles as they all crossed the finish line.


Alinker Came to Ottawa

In the spring of 2017, after discovering the Alinker, Andrew (LiquidGym  gym member) brought his Alinker to Karen (CEO and co-founder of LiquidGym.)

This has led to a wonderful partnership with LiquidGym and The Alinker  Inventions.

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